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I love all things pretty and inspiring. The color yellow brings a warm and fuzzy feeling for me. I love food, movies, travel, birds, taking long walks, volleyball and catching up with friends and love ones.

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Bird Prints

Kate Gibb is an amazing artist. I had the opportunity to meet her while still in college in 2006. These hand silk screened prints by her are awesome! I love her use of color and negative space. They were originally created for an in-house fashion brochure for Libertys. The prints are on sale right now if you are interested in buying, visit her blog here for more details.

Sony a550 Camera

I've always wanted to have a nice camera and be a photographer ever since I could remember. Well, last week I finally ordered a Sony a550 DSLR camera for me to start practicing. I am so excited to start playing with it and see how it works. There are a lot of cameras out there, but decided to buy this one because I found a great deal on it and it is fairly good according to the many reviews I've read.