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I love all things pretty and inspiring. The color yellow brings a warm and fuzzy feeling for me. I love food, movies, travel, birds, taking long walks, volleyball and catching up with friends and love ones.

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Fly Away

I want to go somewhere, anywhere but here. Why is it that when we are close to home, we end up wanting to be away? I thought I would be happy here, but it seems unlikely. People make to much assumptions and demand too much out of others. This is too tiring and I don't want to be a part of this nonsense anymore. I want to fly away and leave all this to yesterday.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

It's almost Christmas and believe it or not a New Year is just around the corner. Looking back at 2011, I've accomplished most of what I set out to do. Some goals are instill in progress while others are forgotten, but over all it was a good year. I will try to make the most of this new year. Explore new things and be more adventurous. In my heart, I know that 2012 will be a bittersweet year. Whatever happens, I want to embrace life as it comes and live/love without regrets.

Tomorrow I will have Christmas with Eugene since he's leaving Sat. for LA to be with family. This will be our first Christmas together and I'm both excited and somewhat sad because I will not see him for two weeks. Have a safe trip Minai and enjoy the wonderful weather!

Also, today is a friend's birthday. Happy Birthday, Lia! Have a wonderful day! I know we have not talked in a while, but I hope your family is doing well.

Secret Smile

It's been so long since I posted anything. I have to say that I've been busy with life and everything else in between. This year has been a wonderful year to me. Besides being close to my family, I met some wonderful people along the way and reconnected with old friends from high school. I'm so grateful to have met Eugene Chung. Minai, thanks for showing me your secret smile and making my life brighter. Whenever I'm with you, I feel so much warmth and happiness because of the kind heart you have bestowed upon me. :)